Government: Columbine High School Massacre and Professor Hamby Government Essay

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Kaycee Baker
Professor Hamby
Government 1201-Bronte
20 November 2010
Second Amendment Over the years the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, always seems to draw problems and start arguments across our nation. Also, with conflicts like the high school shooting of Littleton, Colorado, makes the argument to outlaw the right to bear arms even more intense but is that really the answer? I think not. The shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado turned to the consciousness of an entire nation. Even though Cassie was one not to show her religion, the love and belief this girl had for her religion was an unspeakable subject. As the parents of Cassie Bernall explain in the book “She Said Yes, The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall,” Cassie was a great, strong hearted woman and didn’t deserve what happened to her but along with the horrific tragedy she became both a symbol and a prophet. This family wasn’t anything other than the ordinary family. Mother and daughter arguing about simple things, brother and sister picking on each other and annoying one another, nothing out of the ordinary. Cassie’s courage and willingness to stand up for what she believed in when one of the shooters asked her if she believed in God was something a religious or non-religious person can take and use for their own life challenges. “One of them asked her if she believed in God. She paused, like she didn’t know what she was going to answer, and then she said yes.” (Bernall). With whatever the case was to push those two boys, Eric and Dylan, to going on this rampage to shoot everyone and anyone in their path, whether it was them being bullied, gone psycho, or was messed up in the head it wasn’t right. This story is a sad one to think of but the truth is even if the legislature were to change the right to keep and bear arms that wouldn’t stop the problems we have. It would actually increase the problem we have that include fire arms. Outlawing guns or the right to keep them would not help the fact. Considering these boys were mad at whomever, they were mad enough to do whatever they could to get ahold of guns that outlawing them would not do any good. The same with any other situation,…