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The Corrupt
Hayley Davison Deception or honesty? Fraud or fairness? What characteristics describe the government? As this quote states "Today, large portions of Americans believe that most or all politicians are corrupt, that government serves the interest of the few, and that government is dominated by the wealthy and powerful." Is this statement valid?

Over the years different leaders have changed the ways of the government. Some systems or leaders more corrupt than others. Some more sly and conniving than others. During Warren G. Harding's presidency, his administration took over due to his lack of authority and being "unprepared" for the role of president. The biggest disgrace during his term was the Tea Pot Dome Scandal. The key word "scandal." There should not be any scandals happening under the nose of the nation's leader. In The Tea Pot Dome Scandal, "Secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall leased oil-rich lands in Wyoming to companies in return for personal loans. Fall was eventually found guilty of corruption, and was sentenced to prison in 1931."( Along with Fall, Harding's political manager and close friend Harry Daughtery was forced to resign after seeing many impeachment votes by Congress and two indictments for defrauding the government. However, not all citizens find Warren Harding at fault for the disasters during his term, but find the administration guilty. All together, it is the government who was responsible for the wrongdoings, This proves that there are people inside the government system who are self-serving. Albert Fall leased the oil lands to companies in return for personal loans.

The next example of a corrupt leader in the government is Richard Nixon. "The only American President to resign, as his role was discovered in covering up a burglary, by agents of his re-election committee, of Democratic National Committee's offices at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C.."( In 1968, Nixon was elected as president. In his election, a secret plan to cease the war in Vietnam never followed through; subsequently, 21,014 Americans died there during his term. Nixon also had problems on a personal level. He acquired an "enemy list" which was made up of people who criticized him. Nixon had these people "targeted for tax audits or trailed by private detectives, and hired the 'plumbers' to stop leaks."( He used all his power as president to demolish his opponents or enemies. Nixon used his power for personal affairs just as many other electives in the government.

Perhaps the largest fraud of Nixon's was the Watergate Scandal. "The abuses of government power cumulating in the Watergate break-in and cover-up derailed the administration, and showed how a man consumed with enemies can be his own worse enemy."( Nixon fired those who would not help him in his