Essay on Government: Democracy and Public Education Establishment

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Republic to me is something I have always stood for and understood in our society. We say the pledge of allegiance to the flag and say republic within the lines. As a republic we are individuals who have the right to sovereignty. In this article the difference between a democracy and a republic are laid out. One of the key points in a democracy is that there is no minority. They have no minority rights, but in a republic only one vote can stop something and call for majority rule.
This is very important to understand, and from reading this article I have gained a new perspective from the differences between these two forms of governments. In England they are still under a democracy, which is a body of people who are in a monarchy. Although in the
United States we are ran more by a republic in my eyes.
This article describes how situations are handled among bills that are made, and how a democracy and republic treat it. On the republic side the people can represent them self as one or many, and refuse to have any obligation to the government, as we are the people that control the government. Therefore in a democracy a whole body of people is authorized to react to issues, and they have obligations to the government. So the main difference is that in a democracy the people work for the government and have to answer to them, no matter the cause, whereas in a republic the people answer to themselves and have to obligation to the government they make up. As a republic we are also able to enjoy our rights and in a democracy the citizens are granted privileges known as civil rights.
In Walter Williams article he describes the nonsense of often hearing how our nation is a democracy and how our founding fathers never had intended on our nation being one. He describes how there is no sign of this in our Constitution or Declaration of Independence. The

republic form of government is said to that of a rule of law. Everyone obeys by the same laws, whereas in a democracy the elected representatives are the ruling factor. In the article there are also quotations mentioned about how short-lived democracy is and how it could lead to great tyranny. The democracy article of Gary Gutting is very troublesome and hard for me to believe. I understand with some points of his article about how we don’t fully trust “the people” to make legislative decisions. I have to disagree on the fact that I do believe we are somewhat represented by the people that we