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Michael McDaniels
Professor- Pamela Yates
English- 1301/63004
7 April 2015
Government Power The government is the system by which our state or community is governed. Some people feel like the government requires too much of their personal information and that it violates their privacy. According to a survey conducted by Scott Rasmussen, 50 percent of U.S. likely voters believe the federal government “has too much influence” over state and local officials.
Government programs that provide service and benefits to people should be allowed to use whatever data you provide for them. The reason this data is important; because there are a lot of tax paying citizens that are contributing to this service. Government officials should only be allowed to use your information for your case and not for personal use. The reason the government require for you to show proof for benefits is simple, because we have a lot of dishonest people in this world that abuse the systems. People who abuse government assistant makes it harder for others to qualify for benefits. Some examples of government assistants program are Snap (food stamps), WIC, Housing assistant.
Although some people view the government as control freaks or even bullies when they accept these benefits. The bottom line is this; you came to them for help and not the other way around. Whether you receive benefits from the government or not, you still have to abide by the law and pay taxes which is control by the government. Whenever someone commits a horrendous crime like rape or murder you will want to know about it as soon as possible. So, when your data is being collected, it’s is not always a bad thing. Data becomes bad when we abuse and mistreat it.
Government officials are elected and not appointed, America is a Republic and not a democracy. We have a right to vote, own property, and the pursuit of happiness. Whenever we disapprove on decisions or laws passed by the government, we need to ask ourselves, did I do my part as a citizen. We can criticize the way our country is being ran every day, but until we as a people and a nation exercise our rights, things will continue to be the same. The Constitution of The United States state that all man are created equal, so by not bettering yourself and being the best you can be as a person is not the government fault. Americans blame the government for everything that happens bad in this country. We as people do not like to take responsibility for our own downfall. We as people have gotten so spoil and dependent on others for help, they we forget how to provide for ourselves.
How much power should the government have? The government should be allowed