Government: Morality and Children Essay

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Research Paper. Part 2. Body Paragraphs
Why children today do not have the same moral values as older people? The reason this question is being asked. Because there should be concerns about all this access to information that children have today; is it too much for them? Is there more we should do as the older generations to show our kids better moral values and how to interpret all this information that they’re receiving? With the advent of the Internet and all his resources our children can find out things so much easier than before Google has become a easy do search engine is making our children lazy at the same time informing them of things that they should not know. Facebook is another one of these things that is misguiding our children. They socialize with adults teenagers and strangers. They're reading the problems that all these people are going through and foresee some of the same thing happening to them. That's why I have asked these questions.
How important are moral roles for our children to follow? “Children have an innate desire to please their parents and behave well, according to Linda C. Mayes, M.D., and Donald J. Cohen, M.D, authors of "The Yale Child Study Center: Guide to Understanding Your Child." However, they are often tempted to stray from making good decisions when they encounter peer pressure, because they want to be accepted by their social group. When attending school full time, the opportunities for decision-making increase, and teaching them proper moral behavior ensures they make the right decisions that allow them to feel good about themselves and others”. Carson.( Jun 14, 2011). Will good role models for children develop better morels for them? With role models like Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Snookie from the Jersey Shore showing our children the wrong things in life, reality TV is a big problem. It is not really reality but our children think so. The music industry does not help this matter either especially rap music today is teaching our kids the wrong thing too. How to degrade women and each other the all they want you to think about is your peers, not to lose face with them. Lil Wayne, Drake, and all his other rappers need to talk about something positive instead of how high they got, how many women they have how much money they have made, and how much drugs they have sold these are not good role models. Shows like Teen Mom, The Real World, Buck Wild, The Kardassians, and the Bad Girls club. Our kids are really trying to imitate these shows; children think it is the norm. While researching I can across this Carson.( Jun 14, 2011).”Teaching children morality may be more important now than ever before. The support systems children have growing up are not as strong in the United States compared with other nations. A 2007 study by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Innocenti Research Centre reported that the United States ranked 20th out of 21 of the wealthiest countries in family and peer relationships. Additionally, children deal with large amounts of stress that could compromise their judgment skills. For example, in the aforementioned UNICEF study, the U.S. came in last compared with other wealthy nations in the health and safety category. Experts encourage parents to be vigilant regarding the moral training of school-age children, because many are vulnerable to stressful and negative situations”. Carson.( Jun 14, 2011). With this I add that a lot of the pressure children comes from parents always too busy or too tired to really focus on the children. In some families both parents work full-time or there's only one parent so our children are making decisions on their own and stress on our children is gaining more and more every year.
Should parents be more aware of their children