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Substance of Justice
About a year ago, I moved into my own apartment in the Memorial area. My parents told me to be very careful when it comes to strangers including neighbors. Knowing that I am young, and small I need to properly defend myself if a situation with a sexual predator etc. ever came up. My dad has taught me to how to defend myself and with that I need to know who to defend myself from. I looked up how many sexual predators are registered within my zipcode and the results were not as bad as my parent’s neighborhood. Where I moved from there are 65 registered sexual predators. However, where I live now, I pulled up 10 registered sex offenders. Most cases are sexual assault, however the age range of the victims are mostly close together. The youngest was a 3 year old, most were 11-16, the oldest was 30.
I feel better about how many offenders there are here versus how many there are in my parent’s neighborhood. There is only 1 in my complex, and he is of moderate risk to the people. He sexually assaulted a 16 year old and has been about 20 years since his conviction. I have mixed feelings about the way this information is publicly available. The “romeo and Juliet crimes” type of convictions should be treated differently but there should be an age cutoff where no exceptions are made. There is a point made when the older person of the two should know better but some people cannot help it. However, for the other crimes I fully support that the information should