Government & Politics Essay

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Government & Politics
Why Government? * Treaty of the Commons (no law) - [a problem that starts with commons abuse. Commons are limited resources everyone need. They cannot be denied to anyone; public.] This leads to violent conditions w/o gov’t. You have to set up rules to prevent tragedy. * Government (laws) - [an organization the implements politics; who gets what, when, and how.] This puts restrictions on commons. Everything is influenced by government and politics (i.e. owning a car, food regulations, going to college, paying your water). It solves problems for us. But it also introduces problems (strict/loose/roles).

Ideology * [A set of beliefs]. Political: what you think the gov’t should do and how they should do it. * Economy/Social Life (the two questions):

* Economic Liberals- the rich need to take care of the poor in taxes economic equality. * Economic Conservatives- [freedom]. It’s my money and I should spend what I want. They live by supply and demand flow of the market. * Social Liberals- you are your own person and as long as there are no tragedies, then you should be able to do what w/o gov’t interference. * Social Conservations- built on norms and morals and the gov’t should run off traditions.

* Republicans- for gun rights, taxes, against abortion. * Democrats- stoner nation * Libertarians- social freedom for the economy (i.e. I do what I want) * Communitarians- not common in the US; Communism?

**Ideology leads us to different types of gov’t

Types of Gov’t * Number of ppl w/ power: Autocracy- [ruled by one person;