Government: President of the United States and Snapper Recreational Fishing Essay

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1. A. “Court Rejects Federal Government’s “Ludicrous” Emergency Rule on Red Snapper Fishing”,, 6/4/2013
B. The federal government attempted to shorten the red snapper recreational fishing season by issuing an emergency rule. A federal district judge overturned the rule because he said that it was just their way to “punish Texas simply because federal bureaucrats disagreed with state rules about fishing in state waters”.
C. In this case I would have to agree with the decision the judge made.
D. “The emergency rule amounted to the federal government telling states if you do something we don’t like; we will punish your citizens.” This is another quote taken from the article, which I agree with. Too often we see how people, like the government, use their power to get away with things just because they can and it just isn’t right. I am glad that the judge seen that and made an excellent decision.

2. A., “Editorial: Dallas ISD trustees take right step in removing principals”, unknown writer, 5/28/2013
B. The issue was the removal of two different principals, Madison and Roosevelt High Schools. Before the decision that actually released the two African Americans, there were accusations that the decision was being made because of their race. The board of trustees however pointed out the two principal’s lack of performance in their senior classes and wanted to prevent it from happening in the upcoming years.
C. I agree with the author.
D. Why would any school board just sit back and watch the leadership of its schools diminish like these two? The fact that they actually stood up and made a decision that would benefit the education and future of the students attending should say a lot for them. I would hope that the school of where my children attend would do the same for them.

3. Caesar Rodney was born on a farm in Delaware and was tutored by his parents. His father died when he was 17 and left a man who was the clerk of the peace in Kent County as his guardian. This was the root of Rodney’s life in politics. He started by being commissioned High Sheriff of Kent County Delaware and in the years to follow was registrar of wills, recorder of deeds, clerk of the orphan's court, and justice of the peace. At the age of 30 he attained his first elected office and from there he was everything from a member of the Stamp Act Congress in 1765 to a military leader in the colonial militia to President of the State of Delaware for a three year term. In 1782 he was again elected to the national Congress, but was forced to decline the office due to failing health and died in June of 1784.
B. I randomly picked Caesar Rodney from the list of signers. I did however pick a few of the others and read over their accomplishments before I settled with Rodney. I found him fascinating with all the positions he had held at such an early age.
C. I googled “who signed the Declaration of Independence” and received my information from the website “”.

4. A. The last time he voted was for presidency this past