Essay on Government Reducing Health Investment Causing Number of People with Mental Diseases to Rise

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Gerald, who the family said was schizophrenic(hears voices, and requires treatment) and who has had several mental health interventions with OCPD and a history of violent behavior, however he has recently bought several guns.
The police tactical unit forced they way into the home. Hume pointed his 9mm Gluck at them. An officer used a stun gun on him; another fired a beanbag rifle at him. But police still had to rush him, pushing him down with their shields.
Many law enforcement and gun merchants are frustrated with the system, he said. But "what could (the retailers) do if a person passes a background check?

"It's far too easy to pass a federal background check."

The Oklahoma City police captain and 26-year law enforcement veteran, would agree. Like the president, he thinks the problem goes far beyond just this poor reporting system.

"We used to have good mental health services here, but like with everything, when cities and states started to run out of money, we started to see more people who clearly need help on the streets," he said.

"When they took the money out of mental health, especially in a state where we like our guns, these people became our problem. I'd love to see that change, too."

In this article we can see several examples of scarcity for instance, how the government decided to reduce the health investment making people propensity to be sick or mentally ill higher than before. Showing that we can't have both the money we are saving from lowering the health benefits and the health itself at the same level as when we had the money. Would having gun control affect the country economy? well it might be since there