Government: Terrorism and Innocent People Lives Essay

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Tyler Ramirez
Per. 1 Theo 12
November 8, 2012
Terrorism and Immigration Two of the biggest problems in our country today are terrorism and immigration. These problems have huge impacts on us as citizens of the U.S, even when we personally don’t notice any unordinary changes. The reasoning behind terrorism is to cause fear and havoc in ones territory or country. Terrorists are the truly evil people who wish pain and injustice on people they do not know, but despise. The only thing that can drive fear out is faith. Immigration definitely has in our country. We do not see it but it affects our life through money and affects our attitudes. I know this through personal experiences. In the churches point of view, all sins can be forgiven. Even the acts of terrorism. I personally do not agree with this at all. I understand the forgiveness of someone who commits a petty crime such as stealing something or selling drugs, but I do not agree with forgiving someone for killing innocent people. The bible talks about “an eye for and eye, and a tooth for a tooth”, which means if someone kills a person, the person who committed the act should be put to death as well. I believe their acts of murder on innocent people are unforgivable. For example the terrorist acts of 9/11, thousands of innocent people lives were taken because of the selfish, heartless, and evil doings of one man. He soon received what he deserved, which was death. Our society also feels the same way about terrorism as I personally do. They see it as unforgivable and it not only hurts us personally, but hurts our entire nation as a whole. Our nation deals with immigrants coming into our territory everyday either legally or illegally. The legal immigrants better our nation and have a positive effect on us. The illegal immigrants have a negative effect on us in my opinion. The recent events dealing with illegal immigrants have had no positive outcomes to their acts. They come into our nation and expect everything to be handed to them. Our tax payer’s money goes into the welfare of the people who do not deserve to