Essay Government: United States and World

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Our country is closing in; we are being destroyed because of all the different directions we are heading in. So many people want to change the laws and the constitution, but that won’t help, seeing that we have the same problems as earlier. The constitution is here to not let us make the same mistakes as the people that were in this world before us. Over half of the United States wants change, that’s why Obama is president because he told our country he wanted to change the world and that he would help us. But he only thinks of what is best for him, which is why our government has recently just shut down. He acts one way when he is front of the United States so he can make favorites with people, but then acts like someone that is selfish and doesn’t worry about others, which would be the hidden curriculum.
Abortion should not be option in this world. With our republicans in the office and even some of the democrats agree that we shouldn’t taxes that support abortion and that is why our government is shut down at the moment. No matter what the circumstance is when you conceive a child, you shouldn’t have the privilege to take away a child’s life that hasn’t even been born yet. That one person could be the best influence your life or someone that changes the world. The president shouldn’t make us support abortion. We need compromise in our country and not demands that are only wanted from people because they made a mistake or need the money. The government…