Government note Chap. 1-8 Essay

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Quiz 1
Question 1
Plato’s chief contribution to the study of government was: a) Identifying types of government Affirming that critical thought and reason could lead to the best type of government
Question 2
This Greek philosopher was the first to classify systems of government
Question 3
The Roman Philosopher Cicero was one of the first to articulate the idea of:
Natural Law
Question 4
In his book The City of God, _____________ argued that there was a sphere of human existence that was not subject to the government of men.
St. Augustine
Question 5
According to Machiavelli, whatever a ruler had to do to accomplish his primary goal was
Question 6
This “big ugly monster” was the title of Thomas Hobbes
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Full Faith & Credit
Question 22
Article V of the Constitution creates what process?
Question 23
Article VI states that this is the “supreme law of the land.”
Question 24
Article IV gives the power to admit new states to the union to whom?

Question 25
If two-thirds of Congress approves a Constitutional amendment, what proportion of the states must do so?

Quiz 3
Question 1
At the heart of a democratic system of government is:
Citizen Participation
Question 2
Self-government anticipates each individual _________ him or her self.
Question 3
The U.S. Constitution was designed to create:
Liberty & Order
Question 4
Social Contract Theory states that governments have only the authority given by the _______ of the governed.
Question 5
In this type of democracy, the power of elected officials and the will of the people are constrained by the rule of law.
Question 6
The "Big 3" factors that have a strong correlation to how much people pay attention to, and how involved they are in politics and government, are:
Age, Income, and Level of Education
Question 7
A group that places its own interests above that of the nation is called a:
Question 8
__________ is a system where sovereignty is divided between national & state governments.
Question 9