Government's Reputation Has Been Affected By This Shutdown

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1. a. House Republicans held a “very useful” meeting regarding the ensuing debt crisis with President Obama yesterday. Were there any developments, and are we any closer to reopening the government? Be sure to explain, in at least 3-4 sentences, the debt deal that was offered.
The main success of the meeting between the republicans and democrats is that now the republicans are willing to postpone dealing with cuts to obamacare until after the debt ceiling is raised. This benefit the U.S. because it will make sure an economic crisis will be avoided. There are talks of reopening the government but no clear date of when this will happen, but it looks bright if both sides are starting to compromise their plans.

b. It is now day 11 of the government shutdown and we are still unsure of what will happen with the nation’s debt limit and the shutdown. What is Congress’s approval rating at this time?
Their Approval rating has plummeted to the “historic lows” and it has gotten as low as only 10% of Americans believing that the government is doing a good job.

c. Explain how the GOP’s reputation has been affected by this shutdown. Will they come out ahead or will this shutdown-maneuver damage their reputation?
The majority of Americans are placing the blame on the GOP, which in turn will make Americans lose any trust that they held in the GOP before the crisis so this will definitely damage their reputation.

2. a. It was nearly impossible to avoid the ACA (Affordable Care Act, Obamacare) this week as it was all over the news. How did the launch of this nationwide (i.e. program go? Describe the positive and negative results of this first week of the ACA.
There have been issues with the launching of the website, but there is a large amount of people trying to take advantage of the ACA. The main negative result is the issues within the website and confusion with how to work it, but on the bright side there are many people trying to use the site and this will provide some trouble shooting for it as the get the site more and more finalized.

b. According to the news, when can we expect the ACA website to be ready and to be running smoothly?
It is expected to be fully functional by November, and at the latest mid-November. 3. a. Recently, in Florida, Lilly Grasso was sent home with a letter regarding her screening. What was controversial about this letter?
The letter claimed that her daughter was at risk to being overweight according to her BMI, despite that she is an athletic girl who weighs 124 pounds and is only 5’ 3”.

b. What is your take on the issue of required health screenings? What are the benefits and possible negative impacts of these screenings? Would you take one?
The screenings can help insure the health of students and can inform you of what to watch out for, and I would take a screening if we held them at Woodinville.

4. a. I-522 is on the