Government's Role on Health Care Essays

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Introduction Have you ever wondered exactly what the government does for our country in regards to health care? Many have the impression that the government is not really of much assistance to them. However, in reality, the government does more than most people realize. The government actually plays a vital role in health care but most people look past it. I am sure very few people have actually sat down and pondered or even have done research to find out the impact of the government’s role in health care. However, I intend to clear up this misconception. The federal and state governments are the largest supporters of health care services in the United States. Examples of support that our government provides include assisting those …show more content…
The program is called TRICARE for Life and “anyone who is retired from the uninformed services who is entitled to Medicare Part A and enrolled in Medicare Part B is eligible as are the dependents of those on active duty” (Families USA). Usually individuals in TRICARE often face similar challenges in navigating their health insurance that those with private employer-sponsored health insurance do. To be eligible for the insurance for active duty personnel or retirees an individual must be family members and survivors of active duty personnel, a retiree and their family members and survivors under the age of 65, and reserve component family members if reserve member is activated for more than 30 consecutive days. I personally think that jobs in health care funded by the government are more promising than other jobs. With a government job, there are many more opportunities such as certain benefits for yourself and your family and it is more secure. This makes it that more of a reason why plenty of people look into these jobs first. No matter what the government will always exist. As I mentioned before funds and provides healthcare directly to individuals as well as have different types of state owned health organizations that are ran by people they actually employ. I for one would rather have a government job than a regular one where a company can just go out of business