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Introduction: The aim of the practical is to read and understand terminology of recipe, develop skills and understand the process involved in making an Apple and Cinnamon muffins.
My partner and I demonstrated safe management practices during the prac by doing the following. We washed our hands before we started handling any food, we wore our aprons throughout the whole practical, we made sure our shoes were buckled and that our hair was tied back. Environmental hygiene was shown by having a very well organised work area; our bench was set up with all the ingredients and equipment that we needed to complete the practical. Food Hygiene was shown by collecting the correct ingredients and measuring them with measuring cups and spoons, we mixed the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in a separate bowl.
The technology that helped us complete the recipe include an oven, the oven helped us bake the muffins and without it we would not have been able to complete our practical correctly, it is a big part of technological uses.
I personally demonstrated skills and application to knowledge by accurately reading the recipe provided and also reading the time management plan my partner and I wrote up, it was important to read the recipe and time management plan to ensure we are organised and know what we are doing through the whole practical. Some skills involved include, peeling and grating and also mixing the batter correctly, and finally measuring skills.
My partner and I were organised throughout the whole practical; we were able to finish baking in time and had lots more time to decorate. Our muffins came out very golden and well-shaped. We were very proud of the appearance but the taste was great, the muffin was fluffy and it had a slight sweetness to it due to the golden syrup mixture we added onto our muffins. The muffins had a very fruity and spicy aroma tis was due to the apples and cinnamon that was in our muffins. I believe we didn’t have that many problems during the practical, we were very happy with muffins they had great texture, taste and aroma. One of the things we were worried about was that the muffins may not have been fluffy inside; we tried our hardest to not overcook them. Our final product was quite impressive; we decided to bring some products from home to make the presentation better, we brought decorative patty pans, chocolate icing and also some strawberries. Our presentation was very cute and gave us a higher score. I think there is only a small amount of things that I would have done differently, they include trying harder to fill the muffin cases up evenly because some of our muffins were a lot bigger than others. Another thing is that we could have added more of the golden syrup and oat mixture to the top of the muffins other than that we were quite proud of what we achieved.
I believe my own performance was quite good, my partner and I had great communication skills so we both were on track throughout the whole practical. We talked about everything and if we wanted…