Political Parties In Texas

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Democrats vs. Republican

Over the years Texas has become one of the top states in the country. Texas is known for many different things such as: the laws, diversity, land, and many of the resources that are produced and manufactured here. One of the biggest issues that arises in Texas is the difference between the parties. Texas was once a democratic state but over the years the Republican Party took over and has remained the top party for years. There is a controversial battle between the two parties and how Texas should be perceived when it comes to certain issues standing on the platforms. In one area where the two parties come together and stand as one, is the issue pertaining to border control. It is agreed by both parties that all the borders to the United States needs to be secured. There needs to be a maintained and well-trained Border Patrol with the manpower to effectively secure our borders and to protect our citizens; especially in Texas where vast majority of illegal immigration happens. Securing our borders mean less narcotic, arms, and human trafficking and a higher protection for those US citizens residing on the borders. Although, there are few issues of agreement between the two parties there are also a vast majority of differences. There are many differences between the parties; however, one issue in particular is education. Although, both parties want well educated children; the fact is the Democratic Party would prefer a less invasive testing system that would allow each child to be promoted based on their creative thinking and creativity than high-stakes testing that the Republican Party prefers. Another issue difference regarding education is the multi-language instruction. Democrats prefer all students be promoted to multi-language instruction starting in elementary school; this will allow students to be fluent in English as well as one other language. The Republican Party promotes that non-English speaking students learn English within three years. These differences in issues never hold up to the thought of having a party to try to change the laws based on a national standpoint. Both parties have similar ideas in different variations and different ideas; however, one issue that they would like to make changes to that they have no control over would be Social Security. The Republican Party would like to “Modernize the United States Social Security Card”; they would like the card to be modernized to use contemporary anti-counterfeiting technology. They would also