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Adam Douville
American Government
Mr. O’Connor
Death Penalty The question of whether or not the death penalty should be legal or not is a huge controversial topic in which many states are not on the same side. As of now the U.S. has thirty three states that allow the death penalty including the U.S. Government and the U.S. Military. The topic includes such great arguments to whether or not it should be allowed or not but I personally believe that it should be legal. From whether or not this violates our “Cruel and unusual” clause in the Bill of Rights is pushed to the limit because no-supporters believe that the Government shouldn’t be able to take a civilians life. But on the other hand some would argue that there should be a justice served in which the killers are killed in return. Those who support the death penalty argue that letting a criminal sit in prison knowing the fact that he is still alive after what he has done is wrong. The death penalty allows some closure for the family that has lost a loved one, and might help them coop with their lose better than knowing the killer is still alive. And although sitting in prison is an awful life to live for the rest of your life, I’m sure any killer would rather sit in jail than die by execution. That’s where the death penalty shows a form of crime deterrent by scaring people into knowing if they do something so wrong that they might get put to death for it. But not only is this true for people who haven’t yet committed a serious enough crime to get the death penalty, It also has a lot to do with the inmates that are already in prison. If there is no death penalty what is going to stop someone who already has a life sentence from killing others while incarcerated? It’s a tough situation for sure because you can’t extend a prisoners sentence if it is already a life sentence. In today’s justice system there really is no known sentence for a prisoner, I don’t understand how our courts give people life sentences and “+20+ years either, nothing is going to truly stop a prisoner with that situation from killing again. And not only should other inmates be afraid of that possibility, but also the chances of them escaping and killing civilians again. We can also face the facts that our prisons around the country are way to over-populated as it is. Supporters of the death penalty also believe that by carrying out on these executions will lessen the amount of overflow we have in our state penitentiaries by also giving justice to the victims families in the process. On the other hand we have those who argue that the death penalty should not be allowed to anyone in any circumstance. The phrase “An eye for an eye” goes hand in hand in this situation, but for these people who think that’s totally not right they have their own reasons to believe differently. In History the government has been known for making their own rules, clearly, but they always stress how wrong murdering people is and how it needs to be stopped. But how does that make any sense, because the Government is actually taking the lives of those who are on death row. So they’re basically going against what they have always told us is wrong, and that’s a huge topic that arguers of the death penalty discuss. There are so many other