GPH111 Assg 1 Deep Learning Essay

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Assignment 1 Deep Learning Essay

Deep learning is of great value to the learning experience. It means to incorporate a passion and love for learning. This exist when we have a sincere joy about learning something new. When we deeply learn something we are enthusiastically acquiring knowledge and wisdom. When we extract principles and meanings and integrate that with knowledge and wisdom it helps us to identify what is fact and what is feeling. Additionally, the learning experience is valued for the mere sake of learning, not just for the purpose or application. Thus, learning is intrinsically valued. When we have a lack of value for deep learning then learning becomes only a means to an end. As we develop or learn to extract the necessary character traits associated with deep learning, then we are in fact developing and defining the principles upon which our academic success is founded.

When we have a true passion for learning we also have a greater understanding of the big picture and therefore are able to comprehend how the facts are related to one another. Having a love for learning plays a significant role in the development of the fundamental characteristics of our personalities as beliefs and values change. Without learning we could not understand the world that exist around us and it is through learning and understanding that ultimately determines how we relate to the world. Our love for education and learning will determine whether or not this relationship is positive or negative. There is a great deal to be said about possessing a joy and passion for the love of learning as it develops a greater understanding within us and has the ability to affect every area of our lives and world.

There are great deal of educational values which are associated with deep learning and directly correlated with the acquisition and application of knowledge. These values not only affect us academically but have a profound effect on us in everyday life. As we look at our levels of accomplishment and success then what we are essentially doing is taking a self analysis and looking for areas of improvement. We take responsibility for ourselves because we know the importance of deep learning and how it relates to the development of good qualities. When we focus on the love of learning, we are ultimately focusing on the love of thinking, integrity, honesty, fair-mindedness, open-mindedness, and wisdom. We embrace optimistically character development and know that this is based on traits of quality which address many of life's concerns.

As we take a proactive and positive approach for our futures, we are becoming responsible in enhancing our lives as well as the lives of those around us. When we think in terms of deep learning, we are allowing ourselves to be motivated by learning which in turns improves the quality of our learning. The resulting experience, aside from the joy of learning, is increased personal growth, new educational opportunities, professional opportunities, and empowerment. There are so many things that can be associated with deep learning but it is through self-awareness and our sincere desire and concern about our level of learning that we can be confident that those experiences in which we will encounter will have a positive effect on us.

In drawing sound conclusions about our experiences we are effectively using critical thinking skills which is an essential component of deep learning. As we use our critical thinking skills we are using a process of analysis and evaluation to identify ineffective reasoning. Therefore when we effectively use the processes and skills associated with critical thinking we allow ourselves to make inferences that are founded on information that is well supported and backed up by evidence. Thinking critically is important in group decision-making, personal decision-making, and professional decision-making. It allows us to be able to listen as well as read