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The GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is one of the most innovative technologies of the century. It all began with the US during the era of the Cold War, invented around the 1960`s. The GPS massively affects our society, in all sectors of society people are benefiting off the GPS. Our lives and our ways of communicating have all changed due to the GPS. Our way on life is way safer now and many functions that we might have had to do before are now done by the GPS, making our lives easier in addition. It is used in all forms of transportation, ranging from cars and buses to planes and ships. Though these ones might be a little pricy, people are willing to spend their money for this device that can save them a lot of money (gas), long term and prevent them from getting lost when travelling far to regions that you aren`t familiar with. Though that is not it`s only use, many phones have GPS`s installed and built into them and this can be really useful. Parents of young ones could use the phone`s GPS to help keep track of where their child goes and for families to ensure that they can find a pet if it gets lost. Even the military has great use of the GPS, placed into missiles and even all the soldiers have a GPS on them. They can use the GPS to track the missile carefully which is crucial, and even come to a comrade`s aid ASAP if they call for help. The government can use GPS to track down criminals and even help determine the location of a 911 caller if there in need of immediate help and have something that is disabling them to talk into the phone. Used in many different industries (the GPS is trending at the moment and has re shaped the lives of all around the world. People are saying that in the near future, GPS`s are going to be used to help determine the weather and predict near future natural disasters. The GPS affects our health and environment in some ways. New GPS technologies have allowed us to map out huge terrain and determine environmental issues. This