Essay on Grace: Education and School English Teachers

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A high school English teachers job is to teach students from the grade 9 through 12. They instruct them on how to understand and interpret English literature. They are there to help a student grow in the English language both textually and creatively.
God created people to go and evangelize to all nations. To evangelize means to go and spread our knowledge, faith, and own experience of Jesus Christ to others. High school English teachers are known to teach and evangelize their knowledge of the English language to teenagers in there class. They are there to help their students understand what they are learning and why they should be learning it.
High school English teachers feel the effect of the fall through numbers of ways. If they are teaching in a public school they can’t be open about their faith because of the law between church and state. If you weren’t openly talk about religion in the classroom there’d be a lingering fear of being fired. They also have to deal with kids who feel the need to not try or misbehave constantly in class. As a High school English teacher not only do they deal with their students but have to deal with angry parents who think that it is your fault, as the teacher, that their child is failing.
5257800-8001000God has given grace to high school English teachers so that they can touch the lives of teenagers. These teachers are not only there to teach but behave the honor of comforting kids. They have