Grace Lemieux Honors Women’s Literature Essay

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Grace Lemieux
Honors Women’s Literature
Period 7

While reviewing my own thoughts, I’ve realized that I only actually have the smallest idea of whom and where I want to be in ten years. I’m the type of person to think about what happens now. All I have is now and to me, there is no tomorrow or day after or even months later, because the moment that I live is current and it’s all I’ve got right now. However, between me and mostly my mom, I need to have some sort of plan. According to the world, it’s just not logical to not worry about things that may come or events that could possibly occur. My plan isn’t much of a plan, but more of a list of things I would enjoy accomplishing, but don’t necessarily need to have happen. During my senior year, I’m taking courses which I enjoy and regardless of what the adults think would be a “better route” for me, I’ll be considering my own path while going through each lesson. When finishing high school, I aspire to at least pass all my senior classes with B average. I want to be able to see my mom cry from the pure happiness that I really made it. In that, I wish for her to be proud of me in the simplest way possible, just because we’ll both know that all my teenage years produced some kind of knowledgeable and somewhat successful woman. My ideal college would be Clark University, in Worcester. Because I don’t have an as impressive portfolio as most of the other studio art majors might, I’ve considered looking to grow into an editor for written works. Even though I do love to draw, I know that I’m definitely not spectacular compared to the students who are really out in the world. I don’t quite understand the concept of college yet, so I can only say that what I want to be is some sort of writer. I also find it hard to grasp the idea that someday I could be what I aspire, so I like to keep my dream modest. For the duration of my college days, I would love to join art clubs and improve all of my artistic abilities, along with my people skills. Along with these, I want to study the Korean language and learn how to speak as close to fluent Korean as I can get. During my third or fourth semester, it’s my goal to be able to visit South Korea for a semester. I assume, from what other students have said, that going abroad helps lengthen your horizon and lets you enjoy what