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Ms. Colburn
June 6th 2014 Yann Martel- A Canadian Author Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi is a highly credible source for Canadian literature. In Life of Pi, Martel addresses many interesting spiritual and moral questions which are both valuable and relatable to the average Canadian adolescent. Martel is a great representation of a Canadian author, Life of Pi is very relatable to the average Canadian adolescent, and both Martel and Life of Pi are excellent subjects of study in a Canadian classroom. Yann Martel is a great Canadian author for many reasons, one of which is his diversity. Martel was born in Spain in 1963 and while he travels the world often, his true home is in Montreal with his Canadian parents. He also went to school in Ontario, earning a degree in Philosophy from Trent University. Martel worked many jobs upon his graduation, and finally decided to become a full-time writer when he was 27 years old. One of Martel’s main strengths as a writer is his diversity. He’s travelled to many parts of the world, worked many jobs, and speaks more than one language. Because Martel applies this diversity to his literature, he can be seen as a model Canadian writer (since Canada’s best trait is it’s diversity). Martel is also a winner of the Man Booker Prize for his book, Life of Pi, and is internationally respected for his success. He’s highly experienced as a writer (publishing many books across different genres) and professor (in Centorame 2 the Department of Comparative Literature in Germany), making him a very valuable Canadian author. Martel has even completed a project called What is Stephen Harper Reading. This project involved sending 100 books to Stephen Harper along with a letter about each book. Since Martel has acquainted himself with the Canadian Prime Minister, he's very well received by Canadians. Martel can be considered diverse even through his writing, especially his book Life of Pi. Life of Pi is a great novel that can relate to Canadian adolescents. Martel applies his diversity to the novel which can be very interesting for a Canadian adolescent to read. It addresses many different religious and spiritual questions, teaches lessons about wildlife (such as instinct and dominance), and inspires readers to decide on which of Pi’s stories is better. This decision is one that is challenging to make, allowing for lots of discussion. Martel also does a great job of intertwining his religious and primal lessons, which make the reader think. Canadian adolescents generally enjoy stories of survival and adventure. Life of Pi provides these in a very intelligent manner all while teaching the reader many lessons. Life of Pi also contains many themes which can relate to the average adolescent, such as the will to survive. When Pi is stuck on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger, his odds of survival are unbelievably low. Despite the odds, he continues to push forward. This theme can be inspiring and relatable to adolescents, motivating them to be persistent and to achieve their goals. The theme of storytelling in Life of Pi can be of great value to teens as well. Pi leaves it up to the reader to decide on a "better story". This interaction between Pi and the reader would be received well by teens, especially because Pi is very relatable. Overall, the combination of diversity, life lessons, and themes would make Life Centorame 3 of Pi a great read for any Canadian adolescent. Life of Pi and it's author, Yann Martel, would be great subjects of study in a