Grade 11 Psychology Class

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My experience in my grade eleven psychology class was an unforgettable one. The teacher, as I soon discovered, was rather peculiar. On our first day, the classroom was completely bare of tables and other scholarly equipment. Instead, we formed a circle of chairs as the teacher went over the curriculum of the course. We were then given a list of additional required supplies, which included an adult coloring book and a yoga mat. The next two weeks in psychology class was a tough transition for me and many of my peers. Being accustomed to the standard system of schooling, I was unprepared for the unorthodox activities we would regularly participated in. As well as reading from a textbook and taking notes, we also took short naps on our mats, colored in our books and meditated. Being a part of this class really broadened my perception about what it means to be a learner. Not only did I learn that are there are multiple forms of efficient learning, but that I was an adaptable person able to absorb information.

For majority of my elementary career, I was bullied for having a speech impairment. This was not an easy thing to overcome, especially because of my timid, introverted nature. Despite
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I decided that one of the best ways to make a difference in the community was by helping disadvantaged children. My coordinators were amiable and I did everything I could to assist them and fulfill my assigned duties. The responsibilities I preformed included helping plan the next day’s series of games, leading a number of activities, equipment maintenance, and regularly interacting with the participants. The children, though some of them a bit more disagreeable than others, became my favorite part of the program. Volunteering at Jumpstart proved to be rewarding and I attained many skills as a