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Business Communication and Protocol
6B: 100 (BUS 3000), section SCB
Monday 6:30 – 9:15 p.m.
W 307 PBB

Instructor: Mike Moorhead
Work Phone: (319) 295-2288
Office hour: 30 minutes before and after class in classroom W 307 PBB and appointments in S316 may be arranged by e-mail

Business Communications and Protocol (BCaP) course supervisor: Pamela Bourjaily
Office: S 146 PBB
Phone: 335-3459
Office hour open to all BCaP students: Tuesday 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Appointments outside of office hours may be arranged via e-mail but are not guaranteed, especially at short notice.

Course objective: The course provides a foundation in business communication and protocol and introduces students to the “Tippie way” of presenting business information in a written or oral format. Business communication will include written assignments, oral presentations, and team-building exercises. The business communication assignments focus on preparing students to convey information or to take a position and back it up with evidence—and to do so cleanly (no distracting errors), clearly, and concisely. Topics covered will include composing standard business messages (e-mails, memos, and letters), organizing and reporting workplace research and developing presentation and team-building skills. Protocol readings and assignments will include multiple aspects of professional behavior, including explorations of business protocol and business ethics.

Texts / Required Reading: * M: Business Communication, 2nd edition (by Marie Flatley/Kathryn Rentz/Paula Lentz; published by Mc-Graw-Hill). This text is required. New ($73.75), used ($55.00—limited number available) and e-version ($56.60—good for one semester on one computer) copies are available for purchase at Iowa Book. There will also be 5 hard copies of the book on reserve in the Pomerantz Business Library in PBB. The ISBN for the book is 9780073403168. * Don’t Take the Last Donut: New Rules of Business Etiquette (by Judith Bowman, Career Press, 2007) An e-version of the book is available at no cost to UI students through EbscoHost e-books, which can be accessed through the Pomerantz Business Library website. Initial access to that database must be done via the Pomerantz Business Library webpage either on or off campus and requires a Hawk ID and password. Contact the business library if encounter any difficulties in accessing the book. * Between Enterprise and Ethics: Business and Management in a Bimoral Society (by John Hendry, print pub. 2004; published to Oxford Scholarship Online, 2007). The online version of this book is available at no cost to UI students through Oxford Scholarship Online, which can be accessed through the Pomerantz Business Library website using the “smart search” function. First-time users of the Oxford Scholarship Online site will need to register to access the material. Contact the business library if encounter any difficulties in accessing the book. * PDF full texts of Harvard Faculty seminar series seminar videos “Leading Quietly” and “Defining Moments” (by Joseph Badaracco). The PDF as well as the video is available through Business Source Complete (Harvard Faculty videos) on the Pomerantz Business Library website * Any additional readings will be available on the ICON course site or online through the Pomerantz Business Library at no charge to students.

Class expectations / policies / general information:
Class attendance: You are expected to attend every class. If you are not in class, you are not participating, and that will affect your grade. Treat attendance in class as you would attendance at work. It is a courtesy to let your instructor know if you will be missing class, but informing the instructor does not mean that the absence is “excused.” There are no “excused” or “unexcused” absences—your decision to attend is up to you.

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