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Thank you so much for taking this assignment. It should be much easier than your previous one. I am going to type out my schedule. Anytime you see open or planning-these are times you can help teachers out by either pulling students out or pushing in.

8:15-9:00-Breakfast duty. The most important thing here is to make sure the children are coming in quite, sitting three to a bench (12 at each table), eating, and having the children up and out before needing their table. You have to give Mr. Dotson enough time to clean the table. There will be other teachers in there to help you.

9:00-9:45-Planning time. This is a great time to get ready for your day. Make all of your copies and check e-mail. Many times you have something due to central office.

9:45-10:30-Third Grade Remedial/Enrichment.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays you will pick up your remedial students from the three third grades. I work with them on basic skills-addition, subtraction, multiplication, telling time, counting money, measuring, and word problems. Feel free to use any of the resources that I have.

Thursday and Friday you will pick up the enrichment students from the three third grade classes. You can work out of the Math Journal two. Start on lesson 10.1 and work on. Please feel free to implement whatever you want. These children love to be challenged and love homework.


11:15-11:45-Second grade lunch duty.

11:45-12:15-Your lunch

12:15-12:45-Third grade lunch duty


1:05-1:35 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday-First grade enrichment group. You will need to pick the students up from the three different first grades. You will have around 23 students. You can start working on time with them and then move to money. This should take them awhile to master. Then move on to whatever you think they need. These children also love homework.

1:45-2:15-Everyday you will need to pick the second graders up for enrichment. You have around 24 students. You can also start with reviewing time and then move to counting money. They also need additional practice with…