Graded Mr Gallon Man SIOP Lesson 2 Essay

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Debra Scott
April 5, 2015
Prof. Christine Burke
Mr. Gallon Man
SIOP Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Students at the 2nd grade level are starting to learn and understand how liquid is measured and how to solve measurement problems. Unlike kindergarten and 1st grade level students, 2nd grade students are beginning to understand and start wondering about how liquids are measured

Theme: “Mr. Gallon Man” Exploring measurements of liquid using Gallons, quarts, pints, and cups.

Standards: State Level Standard for 2nd Grade Level students such as; II-LS, II-R, II-W, II-L, AZ-CCS 3.MD.A.2., and AZ-CCS 2.OA.A.1. Good job including standards for use.

Background Building:
For the past month, students have had been learning about measuring liquid using cups, pints, quarts, and gallons. They have watched the “Gallon Man song” video during carpet song time. During carpet time, students listen and sing the song, while the visual video is displayed on the smart board. In the “Gallon Man song”, students learn about how two cups equal 1 pint, two pints equal 1 quart and how four quarts equal 1 gallon.

English proficiency levels: beginning through advanced

Lesson Topic
This lesson will be completed in two days, and students will learn measurements by learning that;
2 cups = 1 pint
2 pints = 1 quart
4 quarts = 1 gallon
The first day students will be paired to create Mr. Gallon man using cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.
The second day students will create a story about Mr. Gallon man to share with the class.

Students will be able to understand how liquid is measured.
Students will understand the concept of using cups, pints, and quarts when measuring out a gallon.
Students will be able to recognize measurements by creating Mr. Gallon man.
Students will be able to understand and describe how many cups make a pint, how many pints make a quart and how many quarts make a gallon.. Excellent job including objectives.
Students will be able to name and recognize the body parts that make Mr. gallon Man.
Students will know important information regarding the measurement of liquid.

Teacher Materials:
Smart board, internet access, The Gallon Man Song video, Gallon Man song Lyrics Mr. Gallon Man Parts to demonstrate to the class. How else could you utilize the Smartboard? How could you take this to the next level,with higher order thinking skills?

Student Materials:
Students will need;
1. Four 8- x 8-inch squares of different colors.
2. One 4-x 4-inch square for Mr. Gallon’s head.
3. Glue, scissors, separate 11 x 14 sheet of colored construction paper, and ruled writing paper. Great job with your use of realia and hands on learning opportunities.

Learning Strategies:
Students will be engaged during sing along time by listening and singing the “The Gallon Man Song”. Since it is a video, students will be physically engaged as well.
Group discussion and following step by step instructions while creating of Mr. gallon Man on 11 x 14 colored construction paper will help students in learning through visual engagement, writing, auditory, and problem-solving.
Vocabulary learning takes place through the discussion and labeling portion of this lesson plan.
Students are also required to work in partners when creating Mr. Gallon Man. Visual aids on smart board multimedia will be there to help assist student learning and progress.
Students also have group listening during the instruction portion of the lesson, then they must write a Story about Mr. Gallon Man and then present that material the next day to the class.
All elements of this lesson support general and ELLs learning.

Students will participate in the group discussion/presentation where they will be asked to view step, by step instructions on smart board and help the instructor to label the parts of his body.
The instructor will use student input to label Mr. Gallon Man, using The words Gallon for his torso, quarts