Graduates And Dropouts Essay

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Comparison between dropouts and graduates
What is the benefit to graduate? What is the benefit of being drop out of school? People state a lot of different opinions on these two topics. In today’s society, there are more students choose to drop out of school; the percentages of graduates are kept decreasing. So mandatory attendance law are necessary, because in the future, the graduates have better living conditions and more successful life than dropouts. Compare to the dropouts, the graduates have more average income from works than dropouts. According from the statement from the article “The average annual income for high school dropouts in 2009 was $19,549, compare to $27,380 for high school graduates, a big difference of $7,840.” Because of the more education the graduate had learned from high school, they can have higher employment, and on their workplace, they have more chance to show their talent than dropouts. Also, if the law forces the kids to go to school, they will always cause troubles and become a distraction for to others kids in school who actually want to learn. “Mandatory will never create a nice result.” School is a place for people who wish to learn knowledge and become intelligent, force the people to resist going to school does not make anything better, it will only make disadvantages who love to study .
There is nothing is absolute, no one can guarantee something is definitely correct. In another point, the dropouts sometimes maybe will have better living conditions than graduates. “In order to become successful in today’s society, social experiences are definitely necessary. ”. Compare to the graduates, dropouts have more social experience, because while the graduate still learning in school, dropouts have already got a job, and learned how to attach with people, how to communicate with them, and those important social experience definitely will help them in today’s society. Also, if the law mandatory to students to go to school, they will not be a trouble. ”Student opposed to learning would not be able to pollute the educational atmosphere for those want to learn. Teacher could stay policing recalcitrant student and start educating.” Even though the kids are forced to go to school; they will not affect the kids who want to learn. In addition, if they are mandatory to go, they will not just cause trouble for no reason, even they did make some mistakes in the class, the teacher could just policing them, it is not a big of problem, because everyone has the right to learn. Nothing in the world is perfect; there are always have two sides people will debate on. Some educators believe in mandatory to go to school should be enforced; it is for their own good. And some other people think, going to school in unnecessary, the dropouts can learn something more valuable outside of the school. In my own opinion, it is very important for a student t o go to school, not for the future of the society, or the country, it is for them.