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The idea that high school graduates are not mature enough to attend college right after high school is too broad a statement to merit any serious consideration. Just as you wouldn’t use the color of a person’s skin as a tool to measure their intellect, neither should we measure a high school graduates level of maturity based on the receipt of a diploma. First of all, not all high school graduates get their diplomas through a traditional, public school setting. According to an article written for US News and World Report, more than 2 million children in grades k-12, around 4%, were homeschooled in 2010. (Sheehy) This number has been steadily growing over the past several years, and I would argue that homeschool graduates are better socialized and already have a vast knowledge of real world experiences upon graduation than do their public school counterparts. They’re better socialized than most high school students, according to Joe Kelly, an author and parenting expert, “I know that sounds counterintuitive” writes Kelly, “because they’re not around dozens or hundreds of other kids every day. But I would argue that’s why they’re better socialized.” (Sheehy) Children in public schools are in a completely different social atmosphere that those who are homeschooled. In the public school, children are socialized horizontally, conforming with peers, while those homeschooled are socialized vertically, engaging with children and adults of various ages. Homeschool students spend less time in class, says Kelly, giving them more opportunities to get out into the real world and engage with adults and children alike. (Sheehy) Thus broadening their horizons at an earlier age and introducing early on a hands-on approach to real life social engagement. . I am proud to say