Essay on Graduating High School vs. Not Graduating High School

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Danielle Keyser per.5 Compare and contrast: Graduating high school vs. not graduating high school
As many teenagers begin to enter their junior and senior year of high school they start to get tired of the homework and test. Some believe that it would be easier and a better idea to drop out and just begin to work. I've always believed that it is a better idea to finish school and graduate.Their are many pros and cons to dropping out of school compared to finishing and graduating.
One huge difference of if you graduate high school compared to dropping out is if you drop out you will not be able to attend college until you receive a GED. Perhaps you have been working for a couple years and you want to move up in your job, however you need a degree to get a promotion. Not only do you have to go to college or JC you will also have to pass the GED exam in order to be able to take the classes. If you would graduate high school you would be able to go into a college or JC because you have you high school diploma.
Another difference from high school graduates and non high school graduates is as a high school graduate you can make more over a year than a non high school graduate. Many jobs require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. If you do not graduate you will not be able to get a job that requires a high school diploma or GED and you will have to get another job that does not pay as much. Over time a non high school graduate could work more hours than a high school graduate and still not make the same amount of