Graduation: Edgar Allan Poe and Angelou Essay

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Graduation In this essay Angelou discusses all of the emotions she experienced while attending her middle school graduation at the segregated school Lafayette County Training School in Stamps, Arkansas. Angelou first experienced excitement and happiness as the time for graduation approached, followed by disappointment and animosity, and then finally the revitalization of her accomplishments and the emancipation of her hatred for others. While first preparing for her graduation Angelou was very excited; being quite proud of her academic achievements and other accomplishments, Angelou was hardly able to contain the anticipation of marching up to the stage and receiving her hard-earned diploma. Not only was she proud of herself, but it was quite obvious that those around her felt the same delight. Her mother made her a beautiful dress, complete with an abundance of embroideries and frills. Many people showered her with gifts and money, imparting with her words of wisdom and encouragement to nourish her desire to achieve. A great feeling of happiness had been bestowed upon her, and she was rather anxious to reap the rewards. The time for graduation had finally come. Angelou was greeted with a hearty breakfast from her mother, and a leather-bound copy of poems by Edgar Allen Poe from her brother Bailey. After making all of their preparations, the family closed the store and made their way down to the school for the much awaited ceremony. After being lead by her mothers hand after becoming jittery, Angelou finally took her place with the other students as