Graduation: High School and Monroe County High Essay

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As I woke up to my screaming alarm clock, I suddenly realized the turning point in my life was only a few hours away. After traveling on a road for many miles, my destination was finally around the corner. I was merely unfamiliar with the idea that I had accomplished a major task, but also beginning another task – college. My nose was smothered with the aroma of grits, pork sausages, scrambled eggs, and buttermilk biscuits that my mother was preparing for breakfast. My palms were sweaty and my hands were shaking in nervousness, but I was content to look calm and confident. My nerves were oscillating, and anxiety took control of me – physically and mentally – because the days I dreaded most were finally concluding. After mingling with my family, I met a few of my friends at Pizza Hut, where we ate lunch and engaged in conversations about the future. We were relentless about moving away from our parents and embarking on the independent journey of college. We spent much of the day together before returning home to our families. When I got home, my nerves were settled. I began to grasp the idea that graduation was a very special day that should not be feared for. I realized that I was only moving closer to my dreams. My mother was preparing lunch, while I dwelled in the midst of my loved ones. The time had finally came for the graduates to assemble at the auditorium. We were all nervous backstage, hoping to keep our balance and not fall as we walk to our designated seats. The mood was tense, and everyone was shivering, while trying to look as calm as possible. The wait seemed to last an eternity! The principal entered upon the stage and asked the graduates to enter, and take a seat. It was then time for me to render my salutatorian speech to the thousands of people assembled in the auditorium. I was very