Graduation Portfolio Artifact: Questions and Answers Essay

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Name: Artifact Date: 3/09/12

Artifact Title: CAHSEE

Class/Subject/Event: CHASEE

Grade: 9 10 X 11 12

This artifact demonstrates my progress toward becoming:

_____ A community contributor.

_____ A critical thinker.

_____ An effective communicator.

___X__ A self-directed learner.

Respond to each of the prompts in at least 3 to 5 complete sentences.

Describe the artifact (background, context, goal or purpose of the activity or assignment…). The purpose of this was to go to the Arleta high school football homecoming game it was fun and am showing respect and contributing within my community. This artifact is that I passed the CAHSEE in the first time it is a great achievement because I don’t have to take it again. Theses shows that I don’t have to worry about it and about passing it to graduate. I demonstrated motivation towards doing my best in this test I study and review before the test to pass

Why did you choose this artifact to demonstrate your progress? I choose this artifact because it was a big step in my education and motivated me to do well in all my classes and showed I could achieve and not be a failure. I didn’t do that good in my scores but as my education goes by I will achieve and get higher grades than now. This shows I try my best in this test my parents where proud of me and I was proud I made them happy its the best feeling and I thank