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Apprentices in the workplace By Mohamed Hussein, Alex Thomas
& Jack Thurston 2 Health Education North, Central and
East London
• Health Education North Central and East London (HE
NCEL) has the responsibility for ensuring high quality education and training is provided to all health professionals including the next generation of doctors, dentists and nurses across the area.
• To do this effectively and to ensure the best possible outcomes and experience for patients and people, HE
NCEL works closely with key stakeholders to ensure everything is driven by patient needs and by local healthcare providers. Health Education North, Central and
East London – Workforce
 HE NCEL has a budget of £447
Team I work within the Workforce

million to ensure high quality education and training and to fulfil its mandate.
The Budget is split as follows:
Future Workforce - £396.587 million Workforce Development £19.186 million
Running Costs - £6.197 million
National Activities - £14.68 million Development
Team and my role within the team has so far involved:
 Playing a key role in the commissioning of Workforce
Development Projects.
 Running the secretariat and administrative functions for
Workforce Development
 I have also been involved in the quality assurance and monitoring process of Workforce
Development Projects.

Health Education North West London

July 2014 – present

Wording for a new project’s flyer.
Organised and attended conferences/launch events (ongoing).
Surveyed stakeholders.
Set up appointments with various professionals for the future workforce.
Tweeted news and links to upcoming events (ongoing).
Created a monthly twitter report with our statistics, and a summary. Compared findings to both South London, and North Central and East London’s data.
Presented data to the executive team.
Took ownership of the planning and publishing of the HENWL newsletter