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ENG 101 Fast Food Frenzy

In his article,” Don’t Blame the Eater”, David Zinczenko maintains that the Mcdonalds corporation isn’t to for blame childhood obesity and diabetes. He actually sympathizes with the fast food patrons stating that,”Whatever happened to personal responsibility?” He also says,“ Suing Mcdonalds for making you fat is like a rich man suing Porsche for making them get speeding tickets”. I agree with Zinczenko completely. Children don’t know what food is bad for them and what food is healthy, it isn’t their fault. The parents are to blame.They feed their children this garbage and the children get unhealthy really quickly. Zinczenko actually says that he used to be one of those kids that ate junk food all the time because he was a latchkey kid, Many parents choose fast food because they either don't have the time to make a home- cooked meal or they can’t afford other food at the time. Most of the time bad eating habits start in our childhood no matter what the weight is. There are a lot of things that cause us to eat irresponsibly as Zinczenko explains,” Fast food isn’t easy to avoid, its usually the go- to with people with different busy lifestyles. Zinczenko says that we should know better than eating two fast food meals a day, Zinczenko states “ Are we so busy that we forget how bad fast food is for us?”. I absolutely agree with him even though it is the easy thing to get while on the go its completely unhealthy and toxic.

When a person eats a meal at a fast food restaurant they are consuming more calories than they are supposed to. The U.S. government advises that we consume only 2,800 calories even though that is the standard, we should still hold ourselves to it. Im not saying that we shouldn’t eat fast food I’m just saying that once a month is okay, consuming more often is dangerous and unhealthy.

In todays society the reality seems that fast food consumers should be vigilant about finding alternatives for fast food, It’s easier said than done because you can find over 13,000 Mcdonald’s Restaurants In America, Maybe one or two on your block even. How easy is it to find a health market with fruits? very hard. Organic whole food stores are really expensive and their fruits are even more expensive, Buying Fast food would save you a lot of money. Why many people choose fast food is because of the cost, others because they have no option. Some families can’t afford home cooked meals all the time or not have the time for it.
I Agree with Zinczenko if a fat kid sues fast- food restaurants such as Mcdonalds I wouldn’t blame them, the industries are marketing to children a product with proven health hazards and no warning labels. They should have warning labels and hazardous labels. By providing nutrition labels people could make informed and well thought out choices about what they want to eat and what they don’t.
These corporations spend 1 billion dollars each year advertising their products, and trying to get people to buy it. Children don’t have common sense at such a young thing the parents have to do the deciding. As long as the industries are around and no one speaking up trying to help these sick, obese children these industries are winning. Many people have tried to sue Mcdonalds for making them unhealthy and or sick, not many people have won these cases with these big corporations having the best Lawyers and Defense teams. Obesity and Diabetes weren’t a huge deal in America Twenty some years ago, few people had it. Mcdonalds like the Tobacco industry spends a ton of money trying to ge their products out