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The film was about how “graffiti is a life force in a city that says to every citizen I’m alive, the city is alive, a city without graffiti is like a field with no flowers.” And how the film traces the history of Barcelona street art from its beginnings after the Franco dictatorship in the 1970s to the influence of American hip-hop culture in the 1990s today’s variegated scene. Also a French street artist who moved to Barcelona in 2003, explain their participation and opinions on Barcelona’s scene. The writers also talk about the different types of graffiti going on. Ranging from covering street art in one city to globally — important similarities between the films and their featured artists unquestionably emerge. Across coverage of street artists of varying geographies, ethnicities, and races, many of the artists depicted admit to similar motivations for putting their work on the street, like the freedom of painting illegally or interaction with the public beyond the white walls of a gallery or museum.

The issues discussed in the film influence a lot of writers in the world to make graffiti more or make their graffiti pieces apart of the issues they faced. A lot of writers make fun of political people and since they make fun of them they end up being seen and making it big in the graffiti seen. Such as “OBEY” he has been doing graffiti for a long time and made a clothing line from what he does. He also made a famous Obama Painting that went worldwide. I honestly think graffiti makes a very strong message to a lot of citizens in the world. Also it can make a difference in people lives because sometimes graffiti influences bad people and makes them become a better person in general in lightens up their days.

The style was kind of similar cause in the film, they show a lot of wheat pasting and they are human like or look almost realistic in a way. And its similar cause in Sf there is a writer that does a wheat pasting