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Final Project Proposal

Final Project Proposal--Abortion

Abortion has been an issue of controversy among our people for years. The two main groups on abortion include the people who support pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life supporters are the people that believe that life begins at conception. This belief is based on moral and ethical issues as well as religious implications. The opposing group, pro-choice supporters, believes that life does not begin until after the baby is born and that the choice belongs to the family. A feminist believes that the root of this problem is that the woman has to carry the baby and has the right to choose what is right for her. A woman should have the right to her body and her health and should have the choice as to what happens to her body (Schoen, 2000). Many believe that in cases of rape and incest abortion should be an option, because the woman did not willingly choose to engage in activity that would produce pregnancy.
The political and ethical theories involved in this debate include deontological and consequentialism (Canario, 2011). Pro-choice supporters would follow consequentialism because they are apprehensive about the aftermaths of having or not having an abortion. These can include health problems for the mother or the abilities to properly care for the child, as well as other issues. Those that support pro-life might be viewed as deontological, because they believe that it is a mother’s moral duty to value the child’s life. This same group would see having an abortion as essentially committing murder.
I believe that a good solution to the problem would be to allow abortion in the cases that consist of health concerns for the mother or the child, as well as rape and incest cases. In addition I would also suggest a limitation on how many weeks into the pregnancy a woman can get an abortion. I believe that this would satisfy the pro-choice group by delivering a solution…