Grammar: Wife and Sorrowful Woman Essay

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I read the book of the “Argue that Faye could or could not be the wife in A Sorrowful Woman”. Fay could be the wife with Kai; He’s very extremely supportive, loving and caring to the woman. Also, he showed continual patient and valuable. Faye is very opening his mind and sharing with his wife about how much him preciously.
At first, Faye says “He was attuned to her; he understood such things (38)”. This statement leads one to believe that her husband always understood her. It also seems that he was willing to sacrifice his time for her and their family. Both narratives demonstrate the expected position of women in society, but do so from different points of view. Also, Faye says “Perhaps the best thing is for you to follow it through,” he said. “I want to be big enough to contain whatever you must do. (40)”. Definitely, Faye could have instead of having a happy and sorrow-free life together; he sorrow could have continued even though her husband was deeply in love with her and attuned to her every need. The couples take those vows “until death do us part”, they should be willing to do anything to fulfill those words but, sometime his wife don’t demand that she lovely to him as much. As he knows that wouldn’t marry the sorrow woman, Kai was going to be like that. But he did, and he kept those words because he did whatever he could to please his wife. Fay known that she feels trapped by her responsibilities and duties as a wife and mother, and wants an alternative, only