Essay about Grammatical Person and Job Recommendation

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English II Semester Exam Study Guide
Questions 1-5 = Literary Terms
Define the following terms: metaphor, simile, personification, non-fiction, setting, satire, first person point of view, second person point of view, third person limited point of view, third person omniscient point of view, falling action, external conflict, internal conflict, diction.
Questions 6-11 = Organization/Comprehension
You will read an article and answer questions regarding it. Be sure you are familiar with the meaning of organizational methods such as cause/effect, comparison/contrast, general/specific, and question/answer.
Questions 12-22 = Main Idea/Author’s Purpose/Comprehension
You will read an article and answer questions regarding it. Be sure you are familiar with main idea and author’s purpose.
Questions 23-30 = Writing Skills
You will be given a passage and will indicate what transitions logically make sense throughout it. Be sure that you understand the difference between an expository essay, a process essay, a humor piece, and a persuasive essay. Also, review first person, second person, third person limited and third person omniscient point of view.
Questions 31-40 = Comprehension
You will read two articles and answer questions about them specifically.
Questions 41 and 42 = The Three Appeals
Be sure you understand the function of logical appeal, emotional appeal, and ethical appeal in persuasive writing.
For the terms at the bottom and on the next page, please define each term for a completion grade.
DEFINE EACH TERM LISTED BELOW – Include an example during review.
Simile Personification

**Narrative Perspective/Point of View**
First person point of view

Second person point of view

Third person limited point of view

Third person omniscient point of view

**Plot Structure - For the terms below, use “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” for your examples**

Rising action

Climax/turning point

Falling action


External conflict
Internal conflict

**Text Structures**




**Persuasive Appeals**
Logical Appeal
Emotional Appeal
Ethical Appeal
**Essay Structure**
Label the parts of the diagram as they relate to the structure of an essay.

Directions: Underline and label the following: thesis statement, intro, body paragraph 1, body paragraph 2, body paragraph 3, conclusion paragraph, restated thesis statement, and ALL transition words.

Life hits us with difficult decisions and expects us to take them in stride. Sometimes, it takes careful deliberation to finally come to a consensus though we may have doubts. Other times, we just need to go with that gut instinct and do what we think is right for us and the people around us. This is one of those situations; do I help out a friend who needs a job even though her job ethic is not the best? While her slacking may seem like a downfall and the usual choice would be to back away from the situation, I would assist my friend with a job recommendation in a heartbeat. Even with this unfortunate trait, humans are changeable and over time,and can mature and become hardworking and efficient employees with guidance and support. With this in mind, writing the job recommendation would be a breeze. I would just emphasize the best aspects of her personality. She could be lacking in the work area, but she could be amazing communicators and lovely to work with. Most importantly, she is my friend, and friends stick together until the end. I could never let down a buddy in need because I know that she would always help me when I call on her. I would recommend my friend for the job because I'm always there for my friends, I can emphasize the positive traits, and I can guide my friend to change her ways.
To begin with, when I think about friendship, I picture two people who are