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The grammar concept my group and I chose to do was verb tense. We based our lesson plan on a history book passage that we found very interesting. The reason we decided to do this lesson, is we feel students need to become familiar with using verbs in the past, present, and future. A history book is a great tool for this lesson, because students can change the past-tense passages into present and future. Our lesson is for ELD students in 3rd through 5th grade. The lesson introduces verb tense to the students and provides positive feedback to the classroom discussion. Coelho states that when teaching grammar, you should use the content of lessons to introduce grammar concepts. My group used a history passage for our lesson, and Coelho suggests the use of introducing past-tense verb forms in history. In our lesson we provide a meaningful and straightforward background on verb tense. Coelho expresses to develop the necessary background knowledge, using stories, pictures, videos, and other media. In our lesson after we provide the students with a clear introduction of verb tense, then we will encourage the students to come up with sentences for past, present, and future. Coelho believes instructors to ask clear questions and give enough wait time for students to respond. After giving the student’s time to come up with sentences, then it will be appropriate to ask the students why this sentence is past, present or future tense is. Coelho believes students should be encouraged to work in pairs or groups to clarify key concepts and vocabulary. In our lesson we will divide students into small groups and they will read the passages from a history book. The students will point out the sentences with different verb tenses. The instructions will be to make these sentences present or future tense. For our lesson plan we used the California ELD Standards. The standards