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The Most Factors are Important When Choosing Jobs When people had looked to select job, the people's choices were different depend on what they want from their job. Current a day most people has chosen their job based on the amount of salary they will get. I think the best job not ones that pay higher salary but also it must be fit certificates, degree and experience. In addition, the money has not been only most important factor to have job because there are other causes match important than it. personally, when I looking for job the wage is very important but there are many other condition which should be seen as important as income. I accept that money is necessary for people to caters their demand. Also, satisfaction for people to the payment is what people need to enjoy in their live due to the money are needed by people not only for themselves but also for support partially or wholly their family. People's living need have included a lot off thing such as, foods , bills, cloths , accommodations, educations, and medications. So to cover these need and have a moderation life, people have earned a good salary. When people had chosen their job based on enjoyment or other non financial factor, they might found difficult to support themselves. On the other hand, I believe that other factors are important as how much we earn in jobs. Some people are passionate in their work and they achieve success easily in them life. They choose their job consider many thing not only