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Ericka Silva
Mr. Christ Pr. 1
May 25, 2014
English 9A
Beyond the Passing As I close my eyes I’m able to feel the warmth of the joyful moments that now became memories. These memories are left by the woman whom I now view as my role model. Never did I believe that a person could have such a great impact in my teenage life as well as the future. Growing up was like a jigsaw puzzle, but one piece changed my view on life. It was back in the summer of 2011, I can still feel the heat on my skin from the sun and the breeze through my hair. I didn’t feel like a kid anymore, rather I felt more careless. After my twelfth birthday, I became surrounded by so many bad influences, I didn’t know any better, My bad influences were social media, society, and friends has taken its toll on me. They would criticize and pressure me to change like the clothes I would wear, and they also pressured me to wear makeup and to stop wearing glasses in order to “fit in” with them and be a “somebody” at school. I was twelve and naïve so I actually listened to my “friends”. As months passed, my mom and grandma started noticing a change in me. I tried to explain that I wanted to fit in, but they didn’t understand. That was the moment I got lost on the road of life. A sweet innocent girl was transformed into a rebellious, disrespectful teenager. I would be rude to my parents and grandma and so many people noticed my change in personality, as well as looks. This wasn’t the type of change they expected I’d go through. I was a disappointment to my mom and stepdad. But, surprisingly, my grandma had hope in me. I knew she still believed in me because of the argument we all had during the evening of my thirteenth birthday. “I don’t like how your friends are changing my polite innocent Ericka into this different and misbehaved teenager!” my mother said. “Me? Different and misbehaved?! What type of mother would have these thoughts towards her OWN daughter? It’s just you don’t get how I feel, and you never will! It’s pointless just pointless to be arguing with you!” I said as I slammed the door shut and rushed outside with a heat of anger inside of me. My grandma came outside as I was sitting on the porch and said, “You are a unique and very beautiful girl you don’t need to follow others, you need to stand out. Be that shiny jewel found in all these rocks. Ericka you are smart enough to know it’s disrespectful to talk to your mother with an attitude like that. I believe and have hope in you, please promise to be who you really are. Don’t be afraid of what others think of you, and remember it’s what you think of yourself that counts.” The argument between I and my mom made me feel like putty on my mom’s hand. The words my grandma told me opened my mind and made me realized that I had been on the wrong path all along, and had to find my way back. The words my grandma said that evening filled my mind with wisdom and my cold heart got drenched with the warmth of kindness. After the argument, that same night I decided to sleep with my grandma. She had the music player on; the lyrics are still fresh in my mind. I went with her to make a difference within myself whilst “Unchained Melodies” was playing. I told her I wanted to make a change and make my parents proud. My grandma hugged me and whispered, “Shh my little girl, everything will be alright as long as you’re with God, and you’ll be safe.” The soothing sound of the music made me feel beloved and became a memory I shall never forget. I will never forget how safe I felt in her arms while she tightly wrapped her arms around me, and I never wanted the moment to end. That night also became special because it was the first time I learned how to pray. Never did I felt so enlightened, blessed and loved in life. I will never forget the sacred night I shared with her. That night she went through her jewelry box and held pout a beautiful golden elephant bracelet. She looked into my eyes and I saw the purity in