Grandma Linda Essay

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Being a hero doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a costume or even having super powers. A hero is a special person who always puts the most important people in their lives before themselves. A hero is someone who genuily cares about his or her well-being and stops at nothing to protect them in their own heroic way from anything and everything. Although I lost my grandma Linda at the age of four to cervical cancer, the time I got to know her and spend with her made her my true hero and she will forever be my inspiration. It wasn’t what she stood for that made her my hero or inspiration, but who she was as a person that makes me strive to be like her each and everyday. My grandma was the kind of person who made me feel better when I got in trouble, or when I got sick. She was there for me whenever I needed a hug or even a shoulder to cry on, and she tried her best in everyway possible to make me feel safe and happy. In the eyes of my grandma, I am young and carefree and I have so much to learn and encounter. Her voice gave valuable advice. Her smile lit up a room like no one else could. Her aura was of intelligence and intuitivness. My grandma always did things out of the kindness of her heart. She did anything for anyone and for no personal gain whatsoever. She would rather do something to help another person be happy, than do something to make her own self happy, which is amazing in the eyes of everyone that was around her. Even when she was struggling with things in her own life such as having cervical cancer, she was all about making those around her feel better about their lives and asked for nothing in return. The day my grandma was diagnosed with cervical cancer was one of the worst days my family could ever possibly go through. She didn’t let her spirits drop. Instead of moping or feeling sorry for her self, she immediately told herself and everyone else that she was going get over this obstacle, no matter how difficult the journey was going to be. Of course, my grandma was quite scared when she found out about this tragic news, but that did nothing to slow her down. Even through the roughest treatments, she took the time to make sure that everything was going well with her family and friends. Overtime my grandma got worse and worse with every doctor visit she went to, and then one day while in the hospital, she passed away peacefully and went home with the Lord. My family was devastated at the loss of my