Grandpa: Hardness and Life Essay

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Some people admire all these famous singers, actresses, and etc. The person I admire may not be famous to you, but in my life he is. This man is my retired marine, grandpa, Dennis. There are many of things I admire about this man, but I certainly love how supportive, helping, and smart he is. He’s always there when times are tough no matter who you are, your race, or your religion. My grandpa has always supported me at all times no matter the circumstances. He has a whole lot of faith in such a young girl. If my grandpa didn’t like the idea I was going for if I really wanted to go all in for it I know for a fact he would stand by my side with no doubt. He showed how supportive he could be when he didn’t agree with my sister’s lifestyle and getting pregnant at a young age, but if she needed someone to support her when she got down and out about life he was there to show her he would never leave her side. Dennis may be a real stern man, but if you reach to him for a helping hand no matter the cost I can promise you he wouldn’t fail you. He is a huge donator to our church and community. He was recently in the Sun News for the excessive amount of littering. Whether it’s just a little step into improving society or a huge helping hand in an individual’s life he’s there. He has always been a man of his word. If he tells you he is going to help you plow the field that day or change your car oil he will. When times got tough for my mom when she was going through the divorce he helped her with bills and my mom knew she could depend on him if it was money, or if It was just getting my sister and I off