Grapes Of Wrath Essay

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How does Casy sesead in his quest for redemption? Casy thinks himself a hypocrite for not pratcing his own preaches and set out to try to rid himself of the "lie" he was living Stienbeck proves this through Casys speach, thoughts and effects on others. when Casy is first interduesed into the grapes of wrath by tom joad who happends apon casy and reanises him as his old preacher. on page 20 casy tells tom that he is no longer the same man ("I was a preacher, reverand jim casy ---was a burning busher. used to howl out the name of jeasus to glory and used to get an irrigation ditch so squirmin full of repented sinners half of em like to drownded. But not no more just jim casy now aint got callcno more got a lot of sinful idears --- but they semm kinda sensible.") cays stoped preached because he thought o himself as a hyprocrit for not fallowing his own perching. when casy first enters the story he is always talking saying long monologues and always taking about his life but as the book goes on he stops talking as much and becomes wmuch more quite and thinks more about others. Casy used to b a vey selfish person realy thinking about anyone but himself, but as his cherecter grows through the story he changes and becomes ore aware of other and how they are and who they are he starts to care for others. In chapter 20, tom punches a police officer and if he would have been cought would have been sent to jail for a very long time for breaking parole, casy knowing this stands up and takes toms place saying that he was the one who punched the cop not tom, when the joads to stop him, he says ("somebody got o take the blame. I got no kids, they'll just put me in jail an' I anit