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Graphic/Art Design for the Web
Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein is the main founders of Pop Art in the United State born in 1923. He has Learning landscape drawing when he was young, later he keen on American abstract expressionist painting Creation Research. In the early 1960s he adapted from the U.S. to the contents of advertisements for comics for the pop art creations, this makes him almost became famous overnight. In 1970 he used in print outlets like "point" style used more in the creation of other subjects. After this he became the most influential artists of the art scene in the Twentieth century. He was created with the abstract expressionist painting style in pop art.

Art works feature
The most characteristic of Roy Lichtenstein’ artworks were his used 1950s American comics as a creative theme for his paintings. In this type of artworks, He caricature copy and zoom in to the canvas, also using a large number of outlets to express the modern large-scale industrial printing results, in his artworks has the bright color screen, but looks simple, showing his unique pop style.

Whaam! Roy Lichtenstein
Whaam! 1963
Acrylic and oil on canvas
Support: 1727 x 4064 mm frame: 1747 x 4084 x 60 mm

American comics, common theme
American pop artist will usually appear on television or print media, some of the public familiar visual image as an important element in the creation of pop art. Everyday things can become common pop artists’ creative source. But Roy Lichtenstein is more interest on printed paper. He selected American comics as a creative basis in print paper. He should combined the ordinary things in everyday life and art, he selected the way of using traditional painting comic to replication and amplification to create his unique style of pop art.
Whaam is an artwork selected from a set of American comics to zoom out. There are two consecutive pictures of this artwork: the first one is an enemy fighter to shoot the scene, the second one is depicting “Whaam!" which is the enemy was hit scene; At this time he painted in bright red color flat tail like the launch around the flames, its presenting a picture of the bloody terror blast. When this painting was exhibited first time in New York, it won the audience's strong reaction. In this way, the familiar American comics are reinterpreted through Roy Lichtenstein on the canvas; he said: The theme for the commercial art is pop art painting, so his artworks shows the common theme with a simple and direct visual images, he used this way to make some of the simple narrative comic such the storytelling that exists in order caricature into the shelves Art collections in the museum for asking people to watch carefully.

Girl with Ball by Roy Lichtenstein Print outlets -personalized approach
As we can see in Roy Lichtenstein’s artworks is always use the print outlets as an important means of artistic expression. It has also become a distinctive creative personality for his future. The raw material of the Girl with Ball by Roy Lichtenstein is derived from a holiday advertising works; he used those uniformly with black specks as being sunbathing woman's skin tone. In his artwork the image processing