Graphic Design and Chanel Essay

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Patty Soriano
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Chanel and Graphic Design

Graphic Design is important to the corporation, Chanel. Considering that it is a high luxury brand. It is true to say that most of the inspiring and exciting designs of this brand comes from the Graphic Design field. It helps give attention to the details and influence the broader perception of the brand. Sizes of projects have been scaled down due to competition but it isn’t surprising. Graphic design is really important to drive the business because, this system helps emphasize and promote the most important piece on every Chanel product, which is its logo. Because of brilliant graphic designers in this corporation, they were able to re-design and re-create Chanel’s founder, Coco Chanel’s logo that is considered to be the most recognizable symbol in the fashion world. The overlapping double “C” facing their opposite way. The logo was featured with its simplicity and elegance, which stood out to fashion industries all over the world. Designers don’t randomly throw in anything they could think of without any of it making sense. Its font and logo represents elegance, elitism, wealth, and features a custom typeface. In high fashion, logos are everything. From sampling to sketching, to applying colors, graphic design is used. Chanel, as one of the international luxurious brand, is required to have an exquisite advertisement, also by the help of graphic design. Promoting their products through catalogues,…