Graphic Design and la Roche Essay

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Like all people who pursue their passion, I want to learn how to be able to create better quality graphic designs and other types of multimedia products. In high school I took a couple of courses at the Manchester Crafstman’s Guild, a community after-school program In Pittsburgh that exposes students to higher levels of Media Art instruction. The professional staff gave me great tips that would make my pieces more “thought -provoking”, something which is super important in graphic design. I remember my teacher reading to us about one of her favorite graphic designers, Wim Crouwel, who said (about making a successful graphic design), “It must be an eye-catching, original and straightforward visualisation of a given subject. And some experimentation is never bad. You have to try to do things that haven't been done before; take ideas you have to the boundaries and look for unexpected things.” Every time I brainstorm or become randomly inspired to create a piece I think back to this quote.
My father, like me, is Spanish, born and raised in Spain. When he was around my age, he to knew he wanted to become something in the field of Media. He studied film and is now a creative producer at a company here in Pittsburgh.
My first encounter with La Roche College came when the coach of the soccer team contacted me and told me he was interested in me as a player. I researched to see if La Roche had a media program and was happy to hear that it did, a very good one, in fact. I already