Graphic Novel and Comic Books Essay

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Amber Smith
Mr. Troxell
Period 9
April 19, 2013
The Crow Analysis The title of the Graphic Novel that I am doing this analysis on is called The Crow. The Crow was written by James O’Barr. The company of publishing is Pocket Books. The publishing date was in 1989. No, his book did not belong to any specific comic universe. He believed that his comic makes people assume that the readers know who the characters are in the comic books based on the author’s life. The comic book was written an illustrated in black and white. The page count was 60. It was a Comic book and it was a compilation. There is a little about the type of graphic novel. This is the story of young man named Eric who was along with his wife Shelley is murdered on an abandoned road. They were murdered by a vicious street gang who was led by T-bird. Eric then returns as the crow. He seeks vengeance on the killers who wronged him. That is the main plot of the comic book The Crow. The significant theme of the comic book is one the loss of his wife in real life. The other is the revenge he wants to take on the people that murdered his wife. In his graphic novel throughout the story the issue is the revenge on the street gang that killed him and his wife on the road, and how it was wronged. The sacrifice of him and his wife cause him to come back as a crow and make their wrong right. They appear in the story as the crow keeps attacking them “the gang” various times until they died. What I believe the GN says about them is that this man Eric