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Algebra 2 Honors (2014-2015) Miss Wandras

Grading Policies and Expectations

Algebra 2 Honors is a very rigorous and demanding class. The pace of the class is very quick; therefore, you need to stay current with the course material. You must pay attention in class, ask questions, and complete (and if necessary redo) all assignments. We (the Algebra 2 Honors teachers) want everyone to be successful and believe that no student should have an unfair advantage over another student. The following policies and expectations have been put in place to ensure fairness and success for everyone!

Required Materials
You must bring the following materials to class every day:

Binder with loose leaf paper
Keep ALL class notes, quizzes, tests, handouts (including this sheet!), worksheets, HW in this binder.

To maintain fairness, you will only be allowed to use an approved calculator. Texas Instruments scientific calculators are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! (However, the TI-30XS MultiView is not allowed.) If you wish to use another brand of calculator, it must be approved by the teacher! Examples of calculators you may use:
1) TI-34II Explorer Plus 2) TI-30XIIS 3) TI-34 Multiview

Examples of calculators you may NOT use:
1) TI-30XS MultiView 2) Casio FX-85GT Plus

You are strongly encouraged to use a TI-84 graphing calculator in addition to your scientific calculator. A graphing calculator will be needed for some (not ALL) classes and assessments. If you do not have your own, you will be allowed to borrow a graphing calculator from the teacher.
If you are caught using an unapproved calculator during an assessment it will be considered cheating and the school’s cheating policy will be enforced.

Pen or pencil

**You will NOT be permitted to go to your locker during class!

Homework is a crucial and mandatory part of this course and will generally be assigned every day to allow you to practice the material taught in class. Unless otherwise noted, homework is due the next class period after it is assigned. Homework will not be accepted late.
Homework will be reviewed on a daily basis and will periodically be checked and graded.
Show all work! You must show all work on all assignments in order to receive credit. NO WORK, NO CREDIT!
Completing the homework assignments will allow you to see if you have understood the material presented in class. It is very important that you do all homework assignments when they are assigned in order to be prepared for the next lesson.

Grades will be calculated as follows:
Tests/Major Projects 45%
Quizzes 40%
Homework 15%

There will be a quarterly at the end of each marking period that will count as a midterm/final exam grade. The quarterlies will NOT affect your MP grade!

Interrupted Class Clause
Throughout the year classes may be interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances (fire drill, lockdown, etc). If an unexpected interruption occurs during an assessment and is less than 10 minutes long a 75/25 curve will be placed on scores. This means that your score will be multiplied by 75% and then 25 points will be