Grassroots: Leadership and Grassroots Organization Essay

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Roland Schmitt
February 25, 2015h
In this paper I will describe how the march on Washington definitely started from the grassroots rather than from a charismatic leadership. This is shown first of all in Document D, because it shows all the people gathering together without a leader, all sharing the same goal, to get jobs and freedom. Document F backs up my claim in that this march started from grassroots since there is no leader in either picture, or its just people standing up for what they believe in. The march on Washington was a grassroots organization, but the reason people doubt that is r it got so much influence. The march on Washington was meant to get jobs and freedom, I don’t think people would need a charismatic leader to want jobs, especially if you were unemployed at the moment and like in document B it described how the people were talking to the unemployed in order to get them into the march. The reason so many people were involved in this grassroots organization because they saw how it could directly change their lives for the better, and even if you didn’t believe in it you would find some of your friends that would convince you to join. This picked up so much steam that there were people coming from all around America. People went to Washington in planes, trains, and busses, majority of the people came from the busses, and this is shown in Document E along with information about what cities people were coming from. This shows more than were they were coming from, it shows how big the movement spread,